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We have been Making it Happen! since 2001. It has not been an easy journey, like for many other companies in our industry, but one we have taken with pride, honesty and professionalism. In here you can read a bit about us, our mission & vision and what we do to help our planet.

Who is 01EX?A brief history

We are a passionate manufacturing company based in the heart of the UK, which since its humble beginnings in 2001, has been associated with producing high quality bespoke exhibition stands, interior and retail spaces across four continents.

01EX’s team is made up of creative retail designers, strategy planners, in-house project and production managers and manufacturing and build craftsmen. Together we deliver exhibition, retail and interior projects for brands and agencies across the world.

Our success is based on strong work ethics, dedication and hard work. A simple formula that allows us to be proud of a sustainable business in a demanding industry where many others fail.

In December 2018, we secured our new home - a 23,000 sq-ft manufacturing, office space and storage facility that will see us expand our operations and consolidate our future market presence for the mutual benefit of our customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders.

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MISSION & VISIONSeamless end-to-end experience

Our mission is to "Make It Happen”; Three words embedded in our business culture; a “can and will do” attitude with which every 01EX employee approaches their daily business activities.

We understand the challenges and stresses faced by those individuals responsible for organising and planning their company’s exhibition, creating a stimulating, efficient and effective showroom or simply bringing to life a retail space. It is with this idea in mind that we aim to become their allies and be the reliable helping hand… To “Make It Happen”.

We do this by providing first class advice, planning and execution support to our customers. Skills, resources, experience and contacts become one under the 01EX banner to provide a seamless End-To-End solution. We measure our performance against these critical objectives:

  • To exceed customers' expectations and encourage long term relationships
  • To be an example within our field for customer care, quality and ethics
  • To ensure all work is of the highest quality
  • To ensure all work is completed on time and to budget
  • To provide clear and efficient communication
  • To promote customer feedback, then listen and respond accordingly
  • To provide staff training and encourage our team to learn and grow

Our long-term goal is to continue to grow our business mostly through recommendations from our clients. We feel proud of each project we produce and strive to always achieve the high standards upon which our business was founded - “Design great spaces; Build to a high standard; Offer great service”.

We maintain our competitiveness by researching and working in a thoroughly modern way, making use of the best specialist production and design equipment, and the most experienced, passionate people.

Making it Happen! also for our PlanetEnvironmental Responsibility

We accept our share of the responsibility that all individuals have towards our planet and we do our best to ensure it is kept for generations to come. Ours is a simple philosophy: Use ethically sustainable materials, recycle/up cycle and avoid landfill waste.

Most of our standard structures are hired out; this not only ensures great value to our clients but also means we are keeping waste to an absolute minimum. Additionally, instead of using carboard boxes, we limit packaging by transporting our products on reusable crates and pallets and invested in biomass technology to keep warm our workshop in winter.

We give away reusable exhibition stand elements like carpets and furniture which we no longer require - ideal for environments such as youth centres that rely on charitable donations.

As experts in our field, we endorse, use and promote concepts like reusable by design. Our clients are encouraged to think about the environment when, for example, designing and producing their marketing material, so that any surplus material can be reused for more than one event.

picture by: Casey Horner.

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