10 great ways to make your office a more comfortable environment to work in

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Your office design should not only look great, but also make your employees feel great. Studies have shown that comfortable offices can increase productivity by 50% whilst also reducing staff sick days. Employees spend a large proportion of their time in the office so it is important that this space simultaneously fulfils their needs and reflects the company’s image. Therefore, we have compiled a list of 10 key ways to transform your office into a better work space:

1 - Build a great communal space

First and foremost, it is important that your office has a space for people to work together and inspire one another. These spaces provide an area for employees to socialise and relax, encouraging important communication and bonding between staff. Not only will this increase employee productivity, but also the overall aesthetic appeal of the office. Beautifully designed communal spaces can liven up any office and rapidly turn the working environment into a very positive one.

2 - Increase the natural light and brightness

Open plan office designs with lots of windows make employees feel healthier and happier as the natural light creates a calm work environment. A study by the National Sleep Foundation in 2017 showed that employees who were exposed to a greater amount of natural light had a better quality of sleep than those who weren’t. This consequently led to higher satisfaction rates at work, increased productivity levels and less mistakes. Increasing the natural light also conserves energy by reducing the reliance on artificial office lights.

3 - Prioritise Safety

Post Covid-19, it is crucial that employees feel safe and protected at work. Therefore, they must feel comfortable and well-looked after by the office protocols in place. To achieve this, your office design should factor in disease preventing methods such as hygiene stations, screens, signs and floor graphics for social distancing. These do not have to be boring! Whilst it is important to clearly display guidelines, a little creativity goes a long way and will often make the rules more memorable.

4 - Build brilliant board rooms

Board rooms are where the magic happens, so it is important that your board room design inspires creativity and wows clients. However, they must also be functional. Your board room should fit everyone comfortably and be positioned away from the main office body. It should be a great space to showcase your company, whilst also prioritising communication and containing the appropriate technology for pitches.

5 - Quiet areas can be key

As crucial as it is to have a bustling board room, it is equally important to have quiet areas where people can do individual tasks. These spaces should be shielded from distracting office noise so that employees can use them as an escape when they need to focus. By organising the office space into clear areas of work the office will flow better and tasks can be completed much easier.

6 - Invest in an amazing Showroom

A showroom design should reflect your company values and be aligned with your brand image. Moreover, it should remind visitors of who they are working with and why. Unique showrooms with quirky features, such as wall art or water features are impactful and memorable. You will be bringing your most valuable customers and clients into this space - there's no more important investment to be made in your office space.

Check out our showroom case studies for Utopia and Rehau.

7 - Invest in greenery for the office

Plants can be another effective way to make a workplace more stimulating and reduce stress. Indeed, The Society of American Florists conducted a study which suggested that problem-solving skills and creativity levels improved in offices with more flowers and plants present.

8 - Create a comfortable and clean space

It has been proven that it is much harder to work effectively in an office that is cluttered, so make sure there is ample storage space and bins to keep the office space tidy. It is also important to invest in ergonomic desks and chairs to prioritise employee well-being. These will reduce any chance of problematic injuries and allow employees to focus on their work for longer.

9 - A welcoming entrance

It is the first thing people see in the morning and the last thing when they leave at night. Creating a welcoming reception area design for your office is important for both clients and employees as it instantly affects their mood. It is crucial that staff feel uplifted as they walk into work and motivated to tackle the day ahead. A big, beautifully designed office entrance can facilitate this.

10 - Access to Amenities

Providing the right amenities can increase employee engagement whilst reducing employee stress levels. But don’t fear, you do not need install an extravagant addition like a slide or mini theme park, instead look at amenities that cause minimal distraction and maximum employee happiness. Having fun amenities such as a table tennis table can promote a positive company culture, simultaneously increasing employee motivation and company profits. It is important to keep in mind the work/life balance for employees, and even something as simple as an on-site coffee machine can greatly improve employee comfort and productivity.

At 01EX we make it a priority to balance aesthetics with functionality to design an office that is both beautiful and comfortable. We can help you to improve your office design whether it is in need of a full redesign, or simply a cooler communal space. We have paid particular attention to bespoke safety features and can help provide your office with cost effective Covid-19 communications including floor/window graphics, roller banners, custom hygiene stations and office safety screens. We pair safety with style to cover all your office design needs. Click here to get in contact.