11 things you should know about 01EX

Office design, fitout and commercial interiors

Here at 01EX, we have two decades worth of experience designing and installing bespoke exhibition stands, commercial interiors, and office spaces. We provide the highest quality end-to-end service, and therefore do things a little differently than other people in our industry. With that in mind we thought we should compile a list of 10 things that we do to make your whole experience easier and the service superior.

1 - More than just a stand builder!

Yes we're great at making exhibition stands, but our expertise extends WAY beyond that. The commercial interior arm of our business designs and installs all kinds of spaces, from office showrooms, reception areas and boardrooms to retail and high street interiors like shop floors, display spaces, fitting rooms and more. Another facet to our business that seems more important now than ever is our printing facilities. We design and print all manner of signage and point of sales collateral (POS) including health and safety notices - check out our Covid 19 graphic products to learn more.

2 - Free initial consultation

To ensure that we are the right company for your design needs, 01EX provides a primary consultation free of charge. In this consultation, we will really get to know your business and work out how to bring your vision to life within the best possible budget. If you choose to continue your bespoke journey with us after the consultation, you will be assigned a dedicated manager to oversee the whole project. This ensures coherence between the different stages of design and planning, minimising mistakes and maximising results.

3 - Designed with you at the forefront

Our designers are dedicated to creating a design that perfectly communicates your brand image to customers. To do this, we spend time getting to know the background of your company, learning its ethics and future vision. We will listen closely to your brief and keep an open communication channel to make sure our design is exactly right for your specific needs, working with you to build something that is both functional and fantastic to look at.

4 - Generating 3D renderings

We have the very latest design software at 01EX including CAD design and graphics, which can produce three dimensional imaging and walkthroughs of your design. Seeing your design in a 3D format can help ease the decision making process by providing an accurate guide to what the final product will look like. This helps to amend errors before the stand has been built, ensuring you have a design that you are 100% happy with, without costly and time consuming mistakes.

5 - On site graphics and printing

01EX has its own in-house studio in charge of producing and fitting all exhibition stands, display units, and retail interiors graphics. Having an on-site facility reduces costs and increases accuracy, as it allows close communication between all the teams involved. The graphics team can work in the same space with our in-house designers, joiners, and decorators to coherently bring the project together.

6 - Providing a project management team

You will work closely with your own project management team throughout your service with 01EX to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. They will be on hand to provide expert advice on compliance requirements, practicality issues, and to make sure all H&S standards are met ahead of time. Your project management team will also create a personalised project plan to guide you through the process, this will include: a budget, timeline, and objectives. In addition, they will be extremely familiar with your specific stand requirements and the equipment needed so that they can coordinate any hiring in advance. They will supervise your installation process and, for temporary installations/structures, your dismantling process bringing your project 360' with a personal end-to-end service.

7 - We print graphics on a wide range of materials

We try to give clients as many options as possible by printing graphics on a huge variety of materials such as papers, textiles, vinyl, PVC, transparent film, and foamex to name a few. This guarantees that all of our printed materials will maintain a high-quality and professional finish on a range of surfaces. We also invested in a CNC machine so you can have limitless options on beautiful materials to use for your visual communications.

8 - Same team involved during the asset build and the installation

We have a specialised team of joiners, decorators, and electricians who work together to bring your requirements to life in the smoothest possible way. To ensure this is done seamlessly, we are adamant that the same team starts and finishes a product. This allows maximum coherence between your vision and the final product. The team will be with you, alongside your dedicated project manager to witness the customer reaction to their final product, motivating them to build only the very best.

9 - We have a fleet of vehicles for transportation

Our fleet is a vast array of vehicles such as pick-up trucks, vans, and large branded lorries. This helps to minimise both transport costs and stress. Rather than using an external service, we handle every step of transporting your items ourselves. This ensures complete reliability and care during handling. We are not only careful when we transport your items to the exhibition, but also when we bring them home afterwards. This can be arranged to a specified location, or into storage depending on your needs.

10 - Storage service

For temporary structure projects like exhibitions and trade shows we offer the option of storing your bespoke stand in our dry and secure storage facility. Recycling these materials reduces your cost for future exhibitions and minimises our damage to the environment. This service is a more economic option than renting your own storage unit, and additionally saves money on future graphics. Our package deal helps your business get great ROI from our bespoke stand by keeping the option to adapt it for future shows.

11 - Environmental responsibility

At 01EX, we use ethically sustainable materials and make it our duty to recycle to avoid landfill waste. To do this, we make sure our standard structures are hired out where possible and promote recyclable structures to our clients. Moreover, we limit transport packaging by using reusable crates as an alternative to cardboard boxes. Instead of using conventional heating methods, we invest in biomass technology to insulate our workshops as this is a much more sustainable alternative. Furthermore, we donate any surplus materials such as carpets and furniture to local charity centres that rely on charitable donations. This ensures you have the best possible service, whilst knowing we are doing our best for the planet.

If you'd have an event or project in mind and would like to discuss it with 01EX then please don't hesitate to get in contact. If you're not quite ready to make contact yet, here's a few resources/pages that you might find useful;

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