10 ways to make better use of your outdoor space

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Home has always been where the heart is, but it is now where the mind, body, soul and all the kids are. Lockdown has transformed the home into the ultimate multifunctional space, and trying to fit everyone’s favourite activities into the living room can feel a bit cramped. The solution to this is to bring the indoors outdoors. If you have a spare space at the end of your garden or an unused shed, then why not transform it into the unique space that you need. Here are 10 of our favourite ways to utilise your outdoor space:

A home office

Working from home will be the new normal for the foreseeable future, so why not set up a fully functional home office. Switch the kitchen chair backache and interrupted zoom calls for a private, comfortable office at the end of your garden. This can be fitted with multiple monitors, ergonomic desk chairs, file space, Internet and heating, to make working from home much more enjoyable.


Staying active in lockdown is key, and with the days getting shorter and the weather getting colder it is becoming harder to do so. Make achieving your goals easier by creating a home-gym that fits all your needs, with custom machinery, weights, mirrors and lighting.


Since going out for drinks isn’t an option, why not re-create your favourite pub at home. Get your favourite ale on tap and a dartboard in the corner for a really authentic experience. At least there won’t be a long way to stumble home afterwards!


An outdoor area can be a great space to occupy the kids, be this for play or for at home teaching. It can be somewhere that they can get creative outside of the confines of your home and gives you some space whilst you work from home!

Home theatre

Take movie nights with the family to whole new level by building an at home theatre. Bring the cinema experience to you with surround sound speakers, comfy beanbags and a projection screen (popcorn machine optional).

Meeting space

If your job requires meeting with clients in person, then why not build an impressive meeting room in your garden. This space can be designed in line with your company’s branding, showcase products on the shelves and even having a projector for pitches. It could also double up as a sheltered outdoor meeting space with friends during the colder months.

Tool shed

Keep all your tools tidy and organised in a secure place away from the kids. This space can be great for any DIY and you could even add a workbench for at home repairs. Keep everything extra safe by installing a custom alarm system.


A spare bedroom and bathroom can always come in handy for having guests to stay, or looking after elderly relatives. This could also be a great independent space for children or couples still living at home.


Enjoy the tranquillity of your garden with a beautiful pergola. This great decorative feature is perfect for getting that crucial vitamin D and for growing some beautiful crawling plants.

Music room

A home studio can be a great addition to any home, and helps to keep the peace with its soundproof walls. Raise the roof without raising hell from your other family members by having your own space to jam out.

If any of these have inspired you to overhaul your outdoor space, then check out our website as we can make beautiful bespoke structures to suit all these ideas and more.