5 awesome reception areas and why they work so well

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First impressions count, and your reception area should inspire both employees and clients from the very first glance. Everything from the furniture, to the colour scheme should tell the right story about your brand’s ethos and values. We have made a list of 5 of our favourite reception areas, which all perfectly balance professionalism with brand personality. Have a look down the list and see which one is your favourite!

1 - WeWork, South Bank Central

The reception to the WeWork London HQ office does not disappoint and from the first step inside their fun company culture is clear. This space not only has dance machines, but also a DJ booth, free coffee bar, and a fully-functional skate ramp. Moreover, it is a great place for informal meetings with comfy sofas and bench style desks for more structured individual work. This reception encapsulates WeWork’s core principles of working together in an environment that puts employee happiness first.

2 - Mind Candy, Shoreditch

The Moshi Monster’s HQ resembles a real life Monstro City landscape, with fake grass, ivy vines and a fallen tree trunk for a reception desk. This is the very definition of work hard, play hard and the design could’ve been plucked straight out of a child’s imagination. Of course, this is exactly the look Mind Candy was aiming for. Its reception is playful, outside the box, and perfectly reflects their brand personality. There could be no better entrance to one of the largest kids entertainment brands than this makeshift tree-house reception.

3 - Splunk, Paddington

This reception design reflects the company’s young and dynamic nature. Located next to Paddington Station the theme of travel runs throughout the open plan reception, including exposed brick, bespoke graffiti, railway arches and steel beams. Splunk is a leader in innovation and disruption and their quirky reception area communicates this instantly. To top it all off there is a bespoke railway carriage that doubles as a conference room.

4 - Salesforce, Heron Tower

This reception is both sleek and absolutely show stopping. The minimalist décor makes way for the backdrop of a 70,000-litre aquarium containing around 1,200 fish. This centrepiece creates an incredibly relaxed, yet captivating waiting area with a black and white colour scheme and marble flooring. This is the largest privately owned fish tank in the U.K. and a great introductory feature for one of London’s leading tech companies.

5 - Coca-Cola, Marylebone

This reception area recreates Coca-Cola’s past advertising imagery against the backdrop of a huge exposed brick wall, highlighting the brand’s historic past and its future adaptability. The wall contains iconic advertising, neon signs, custom artwork and brand memorabilia. It sticks to the core colours of white, red and black, and of course has its very own coke dispenser. The sleek, open design is further enhanced by the central light feature, which has over 40,000 artificial ice bulbs. This has transformed one of the oldest buildings in London into the perfect reception area for such an iconic symbol of pop culture.

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