5 beautiful shop designs and why we love them

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Have you ever peered into a shop window and been mesmerised by what you saw? Or found a shop so irresistibly different you couldn’t help exploring inside? We have looked all over the U.K. and picked our top 5 most beautiful shop designs. These designs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also fully functional and convey their brand’s image in a fun and quirky way. Have a look down this list and see if you love them as much as we do!

Anthropologie - Located in Regents Street, London, this U.S. Company’s debut U.K. store is nothing short of sensational. Not only is it designed with sleek, natural materials to elevate the simplicity of the brand’s clothes, but also has a 160m2 indoor living wall. At 15 metres high, this vertical garden dominates the retail space. This creates an impact that is simultaneously show-stopping and calming. It features many plants that actually improve the air quality of the shop, whilst being fully sustained by rainwater caught on the roof. Set behind the shop’s main staircase, this wall can be admired from many levels for both its elegance and sustainability.

Open - Based in St, Agnes, Cornwall, this surf and coffee shop takes its store design to the next level. Local couple Emily and Mark Anderson transformed a run down surf factory into this all white, incredibly minimalistic surf shop that directs all the focus onto the board themselves. They kept the historical beams of the old factory whilst modernising the space to be light, airy and bright. Indeed, the shop’s brightness is an ode to the Cornish cliffs whilst the use of reclaimed, natural materials is a rustic nod to the town’s industrial past. The space is impressive for its functionality as well as its design; Open perfectly encapsulates the surfer community with its multifunctional coffee bar, lounge area and shop.

Louis Vuitton - This striking store on Bond Street, London, is the brainchild of Peter Marino. He used artwork by Tracy Emin and the Campana Brothers to bring the space to life with a dazzling pop of colour. Ditching the out-dated dark wood, Marino wanted to create a store that invoked feelings of “happiness with no feeling of intimidation”. To do this he favoured a light and bright design offsetting the sandstone tiles with bright neon colours and hanging seat pods as a nod to Louis Vuitton’s fantastical nature.

Libreria- Located in Hanbury Street, London, Libreria is a bookshop with a difference. Inside, the only rule is that it is forbidden to use your phone, taking reading away from Instagram and back onto the physical page. Libreria’s design is as beautifully thought-out as its concept. It has striking yellow shelves, mirrors to extend the space and secret nooks for solitary readers to sit in. Designed by Spanish architects SelgasCano, the space was intended as a ‘second home’ and every aspect of it encourages interdisciplinary thought and literary curiosity.

Artisan Deli Market - A hidden gem on Duke’s Street in Brighton, this Deli is as delightfully designed as it is delicious. It injects some life into the street, which had recently seen multiple store front closures. To do this, it focuses on warm Autumnal colours, using reclaimed wooden crates to decorative both the walls and floors. We love the market-stall feel that invites the customer to slow down and bring joy back into their food shopping. A chalk blackboard winds up the staircase to invite you to their hidden café above. Containing books, plants and artwork, this cosy enclave is the perfect place to escape from the high street for an hour, or two.

Your store is your sanctuary, which is why we believe it should be designed beautifully in a way that best represents your brand. If you got inspired by our list and think your store could do with a makeover, then have a look at some of the dazzling design work on our website.