5 fantastic showrooms and what makes them so unique

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Your showroom should be the perfect space to showcase the products your brand has to offer. It should simultaneously show off your products and be an engaging space that encapsulates your brand’s personality. We have made a list of the top 5 most fantastic showrooms across the globe, have a look and see which design you like the best!

1. The Splash Lab, LA

This bathroom brand’s showroom is in a converted 1930’s factory and features huge arched doorways and minimalist décor. It “deviates from the traditional showroom format” with its church-like design that shows off different bathroom products around every corner. The cool tone and stripped back interior helps to put the focus on the products, with every angle designed to show them off in their best light. This showroom has a real wow factor; we know where we want to buy our next bathroom sink!

2. Designers Remix, Copenhagen

This fashion label is all about reusing material from other clothes, and its showroom also puts sustainability at the forefront. It does this by having a natural colour scheme of beige and blush, hanging its clothes from simple rails in front of stark white walls. This makes the showroom feel like an art gallery and really shows off the clothes themselves. We love how the design encapsulates the brand’s key traits of sustainability and feminism, letting clients know the brand’s personality as soon as they walk in.

3. Paladone, Shoreham-By-Sea

We HAVE to shout to this local gift-giving company has a fun and unique showroom to display its equally cool products, and which we have visited on many occassions! Upon entering through a star lit tunnel, clients will see a multitude of glowing toys, all beautifully positioned by their brand. Hundreds of gifts are placed on shelves all over the showroom, providing a great display of the products that the company has to offer. The showroom is not only fun, but also functional with egg-shaped meeting chairs and a huge display screen for meetings.

4. Danilo, Shantou

This paint company’s showroom in Eastern China is designed around the ancient concept of Yin and Yang. The company wanted to use the concept of Yin and Yang to promote the idea that paint is only made out of two basic elements, water and soil. It beautifully shows off the very different colours of paint next to each other, making the opposing shades look striking. It features curved walls, with a yin and yang shaped floor filled with water. We love this creative use of the space and how it brings the paint shades to life.

5. Rustickona, Amritsar

We love this homeware brand’s unique showroom for its bold use of reclaimed materials and colour. The rooms are divided by red terracotta bricks that not only look great, but also are highly recognisable to customers as Jali bricks are often used in the construction of Indian homes. This instantly makes the showroom feel welcoming and familiar to its clients. The holes in these red bricks allow the space to be very open and light, making great exhibition areas for the brand's furniture, lighting and decorative objects.

If this list inspired you to re-think your showroom space, then head over to our website and see what great designs we have to offer.