5 Things To Consider When Designing The Perfect Retail Space

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Every retail store is different. No two stores will have exactly the same inventory, no two stores will have the same dimensions, but every shop has one goal - to get customers in and to influence them to part with their hard earned cash.

Over the years, retailers have tried everything from playing the right sort of music to filling their stores with alluring scents (we're looking at you Hollister) and whilst we can't reinvent the rulebook, we can focus on getting it correct.

So how do we design a retail store that's optimised for success? Here's 5 quick tips for you to consider.

Visual Merchandising

A good shop window should never be underestimated. A striking window display can capture shoppers attention and could very well be the difference between them popping in or just walking straight by.

Shop windows are often the eyes of the retail store. Think of Harrods at Christmas time, they tell a story that is then carried through into the store itself. The trick here is to think of creative displays whilst placing a hero product at the heart of the display.

Slowing Down The Customer Journey

In the modern era, consumers have a tendency to shop in a hurry. One of the most important jobs of the interior of your store is to slow down the customer and encourage them to browse so they potentially find something new that resonates with them.

Encouraging this behaviour starts with your store's layout. Creating paths and loops through your stores with hero products that stand out to the consumer.

One example that stands out is Ikea who's customer journey is literally marked on the floor and takes you through all different areas of the home. Even if you only popped in for a set of mugs, you end up walking out with a TV stand, a fake palm tree and a slight feeling of guilt for devouring 20 meatballs.

Be bold & innovative with your store design

It's no surprise that more and more consumers are shopping online when they purchase products. This is why it's all the more important to make your retail space exciting and interactive.

You have one key advantage over an online store - a physical space.

Your store can be smaller and and the levels of stock can be lower but you can offer an experience that big online retailers such as Amazon cannot. For example, you might specialise in boutique products that can't be found in big retailers and your customers are paying for the experience of finding them.

Give Your Customers Space To Breathe

We're not talking about huge outdoor areas for your customers to walk around in. Having every wall, table and floor covered in products gives off the impression that they are of lesser quality.

Instead, experiment with gaps in the store that allow your customers to think and move around freely.

Make The Most Of The Space You Have

New businesses who are testing the market often start off with a small stall or a pop up store. Just because these spaces may be smaller doesn't mean that the design of the store should suffer.

In fact, if you're a temporary retail space, you often need to be more eye catching as you have a shorter window of time to attract customers. The principles we mentioned before remain the same, offer something that other retailers cannot. Offer an experience.

If you are thinking about opening a retail store and wish to speak to our team of retail design experts - get in touch with us here.