5 Top Tips For Running A Successful Exhibition Stand

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Last week we talked about the future of UK exhibitions. Even though not much is happening in 2020, we can still look ahead to 2021 and make sure we’re prepared, especially with the vaccine just around the corner!

A well designed exhibition stand can be a fantastic way to spread your company’s message and help your marketing goals. Putting on an exhibit can be stressful though, with everybody worrying about how many people they’ll attract throughout the day, that’s why we’ve run through our top tips on how to run a successful exhibition stand so you don’t have to worry so much!

1. Make your stand eye catching

Making your exhibition stall stand out from the competition is essential in crowded venues. Even small changes to bare-bones areas can make your stall attract attention, for example if your venue doesn’t provide table cloths, adding one will improve your areas visibility a lot.

If you’re working on a slightly larger scale, think about things such as custom printed banners and other printed materials. Not only will these brighten up your exhibit, they’ll also keep people engaged whilst you’re busy talking to other potential customers!

2. Ensure your team understand your goals

Trade shows and exhibitions can be a really fun day, but it’s important to remember why you’re there in the first place. Make sure that your event team understands what you are looking to achieve that day. This will ensure that your team have conversations that are aligned with your goals and it also helps your staff decide which leads are best to follow up.

As with most events, preparation is key! Providing your team with an email outlining your goals beforehand makes it certain that everybody is on the same page before the event has even started, and then reinforcing this with a quick brief at your stand whilst also getting them pumped for the day ahead.

3. Make your exhibit welcoming

One of the most important tips we can give you for ensuring your exhibit is a success, is to make sure that it welcomes the people you are trying to attract. Staying engaged with potential clients is key if you want people to come back and speak to you in the future. For example, somebody who is on their phone and not making eye contact with anybody will obviously not win over another stand who are smiling, happy and engaging.

Also make sure that your stand allows you to have meaningful conversations. Organisation is key here, ensure that you aren’t speaking to potential clients through an array of clutter. An organised stand is a successful stand!

4. Freebies!

There isn’t a single person in the world who doesn’t like free stuff! It’s an almost guaranteed way to drive more traffic to your stand. Pens, USB sticks, notepads - the list is endless, people will flock to your area to grab one!

How you choose to give these out is completely up to you, you could run a competition, you could hand them out to passers by or you could simply give them to somebody who you’ve engaged with.

5. Have Fun and learn from your mistakes

Quite possibly the most important point to take away from this is to have fun! If you’re not enjoying yourself, chances are the people you’re chatting to won’t be either. Be passionate and approachable about your topic and you’ll be well on your way to having a successful exhibit.

Also make sure you run a proper debrief with your event team, a quick chat about what worked well and what could be improved gives you excellent insight into what to do when the next exhibition rolls around. Learn from your mistakes, and hone in on what made your stand such a fantastic place to be.

If you’d like to chat to us about your exhibition stall plans, get in touch with us here