Attention-Grabbing Exhibition Stand Signage To Attract Your Ideal Customer

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As trade shows and exhibitions make a return in 2021, thinking about signage for your bespoke exhibition stand is essential.

Competition to attract ideal clients at an exhibition is intense, so it's important to have your branding on point. A display is your shop window and having eye-catching signs will make you stand out among the crowds.

If you want to learn about the different types of signs and the best way to promote your business, then this blog is for you.

Attention-grabbing displays

Visual communication is an integral part of the exhibition business. An exhibition stand and its signage is the first point of contact between you and your customer. It can increase sales and research shows this is the most productive method of attracting attendees, followed by giveaways and social media.

Prospective clients scan an exhibition hall before walking to the sign that entices them the most. You only have a few seconds to capture customer’s attention, so signs need to be high impact. To ensure they come your way use signage that hooks and draws them in straight away following these guidelines:

  1. Have your target audience in mind
  2. Keep bold colours and font consistent and simple
  3. Balance writing and graphics with blank space
  4. Dare to be different from the competition
  5. Ensure signage is legible from a distance

Sign type

From portable display stands and sleek roller banners to flags and pop-up displays, there’s a wide variety of choice when it comes to promoting your business. Prominent branding with bright colours seen from a distance can communicate your message in a simple way. The key to the best signs is to focus on simple and bold design.

With a collection of signs, sizes and types available to use it’s best to start by identifying your requirements and your target audience. This will help you understand which category of sign you need for your business. The easiest way to do this is by deciding where you will be using the sign, the four main areas are:

  • Outdoor signs
  • Indoor signs
  • Persuasive signage
  • Informational signs

Here are some ideas for the type of sign on offer for your exhibition displays and stands:

Roll-up banners - one of the most popular types of signage that can be used inside or outside. Ideal for promotional use, they're inexpensive, sleek in design and easy to set up.

Vinyl banners – lightweight and durable, vinyl banners are fantastic for displaying business names, logos and websites.

Pylon Signs - made up of a board that's attached to a pole and usually provides directions, they can also advertise your businesses name or an offer.

Wall Signs - placed internally or externally around exhibitions and trade shows, these signs are great for customising business branding.

Vehicle graphics - if you want your graphics to reach a large volume of potential customers. Promote your business by attaching your logo to a vehicle and it will get seen whenever you drive!

And it doesn't end there, you can buy custom tablecloths, table runners, foam board sides and tabletop banners all with your company's branding on them.

Ahead of the competition

To stay one step ahead of your competition, distinctive signage is a necessity. Inadequate signs can lose you customers and gives a negative impression of a business. And what’s the point in having a great offer if no one knows you’re there? Having the right type of sign is crucial to your marketing strategy. Your business is unique so ensure that’s reflected in your signs.

If this blog has helped define the best display for your business, then please get in touch with our in-house commercial graphics and signage studio. A well-designed and original sign will get your brand noticed.

01EX also provide end to end exhibition stand solutions and display requirements. We're here for your complete design and build needs. Our exhibition designers and contractors will be out in force in 2021 creating bespoke exhibition stands for our clients at live events.