Bespoke vs Pop-up Exhibition Stands

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NOTE - to read about the post-C19 return of UK Exhibitions, click here!

There are often many hundreds of stands at an exhibition, all selling thousands of products, so it is important to make your mark and immediately command attention. Exhibitions are the perfect place to display your products and attract new clients. The key to doing this successfully is having a stand that not only looks great, but also increases your ROI and attracts more sales.

Exhibition stands can come at various price points, in all shapes and sizes - here are the most common forms of exhibition solutions;

  1. Pop-up stands
  2. Shell Scheme
  3. Modular
  4. Bespoke

Pop-up stands are at the lowest end of the price spectrum, they are ready made and can be adapted for your company. These pop-up stands are quicker to acquire and much cheaper than shell scheme or a bespoke stand. You can generally have your graphics printed on them, but often the graphic element cannot be replaced, meaning the asset will need to be disposed of once the graphics go out of date.

Shell scheme stands are common-place at most exhibitions. They have the advantage of being the lowest effort-wise of all the options as you can also hire furniture to put in the booth, meaning you can simple turn up and start merchandising your products. However, be careful of rapidly rising costs - extras are normally very expensive, including extra shelves, lighting and electrical points, and having graphics applied to the walls of the shell scheme will also hugely increase the overall cost of the stand.

Modular stands are similar to pop-up in that they are 'cookie cutter' solutions, but modular have the advantage of being able to be built in different layouts and formats. You will need an partner like 01EX to install a modular solution, unlike pop-up stands that you may be able to set up yourself.

In general, if you're budget allows, then you are best advised to build a bespoke exhibition stand for any 'space only' booking. If you have a 'shell scheme' space booked then you may wish to consider engaging a stand builder, like 01EX, to 'bespoke' the assets for you, putting up additional graphic walls, for example, or laying a carpet with a more appropriate colour for your brand.

Here is an example of a shell scheme stand that has had some more on-brand features added;

Bespoke exhibition stands are tailor-made to your specifications. They can fully embody your brand image, whilst also having a unique design to stand out from competitors. The major disadvantage of pop-up stands and shell scheme is that they already have a set design and are not made for your company specifically. The most important aspects of a successful exhibition are exposure and effective communication, these can both be made more challenging with a 'carbon copy' stand. Bespoke stands can display your business and products in a more impressive way by using professional layouts, furniture, graphics, shapes, colours, and lights. This can help increase the trust and reliability of your brand to customers as the sharp finish reflects what a high end service you offer and reassures customers that they are in the most professional hands.

Whilst generally a bespoke stand will cost more than any of the other options, that does not mean that you have to spend exorbitant amounts of money on them. Have a look below at our price brackets to see what kind of stand you could afford for your budget, or to help you decide what budget to set;

Here is an example of a bespoke stand with a stylish, luxurious brand-feel;

As well as making the best use of your exhibition space, a bespoke stand also lets your creative vision come to life. Your brand image will be communicated clearly through every aspect of the stand, from the structure itself down to the more delicate details. An 01EX Project Manager, along with our designers, will closely listen to your brand vision before embarking on the stand design. This will be done using photo realistic 3D technology to ensure that any mistakes are filtered out early on and your stand is designed exactly as you envisioned.

A 3D image of one of our award-winning stands;

Although it is the more expensive option, a bespoke stand will almost certainly perform better for you, attracting more and better quality leads, and allowing your sales team to have more comfortable meetings and conversations. What you might have saved on a pop-up stand can equally be lost in sales, so it is worth spending more to make your exhibition experience truly terrific. Equally, bespoke stands can be designed with reusability in mind and the stand can be adapted to different floor layouts. So, instead of investing in multiple pop-ups, you will be investing in a beautiful bespoke stand that can be used again and again.

A bespoke stand ensures that your design is not only beautiful, but also functional and allows potential customers easy access to both the stand and your products on it. Moreover, it is a lot less hassle for your company to invest in a bespoke stand as it is both fully fitted and removed from the show by the 01EX team ensuring the smoothest transition door to door.

If you want an unforgettable stand that is designed to articulate the best aspects of your business, then bespoke exhibition stands are the best option. Having a stand that is uniquely designed to reflect your brand image will attract more of your target customers and gain the best leads for your business. With endless design possibilities, it is a great investment for your business and will help you to dominate at any exhibition so get in contact with 01EX today to discuss your next business event, and let us show you the incredible designs we can achieve with your brand.

Here are a few more of our favourite builds;