The return of UK Exhibitions

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After a long break UK exhibitions and trade shows are coming back and they will be better (and safer!) than ever. Indeed, it has been announced by the government that trade shows have the green light to return from October 1st 2020, if Covid 19 infection rates remain at current levels.

In order for these events to return as smoothly and safely as possible, the government has begun pilots to practise how best these indoor business events can be run. The safety of all exhibitors and visitors is the number one priority and these pilots help to maximise social distancing, whilst simultaneously keeping the trade shows effective and successful.

The events and exhibitions sector is of fundamental importance to the U.K. economy, with the sector being worth a huge £32.6 billion to the U.K. each year. In light of Covid’s negative effects on the economy, the extra monetary influx exhibitions can bring will be crucial to help the U.K. get back on its feet. This means a careful balance for exhibitions between safety and progression.

Moreover, exhibitions are fundamental to the tourism sector, particularly at a time when international tourism is decreasing. These events accounted for a quarter of international visits to the U.K. in 2018. However, the risks will not be taken lightly and there will be extensive new guidance published on how to keep visitors safe post Covid-19.

Tourism Minister Nigel Huddleston argues that, “business events and conferences are a key part of our visitor economy and this is an important step in getting them up and running safely.”

In order to get “up and running safely”, a new extensive set of government guidelines for exhibitions and exhibitors have been drawn up. Events will now be required to operate largely online, as all attendees are now required to prebook, and this will take place through a contactless registration system. In addition, physical aspects of trade shows such as badges, lanyards, and gift handouts will be eliminated. Prioritising digital formats will keep physical contact to a minimum and reduce the spread of Covid-19.

In terms of space and exhibition layout, entrances will now be staggered to increase social distancing and reduce visitor numbers. The walkways will be strictly one-way to minimise visitor contact and the spacing between booths will be increased to adhere to the 1m+ rule. Before, and after trade show events there will be enhanced cleaning procedures and thorough sterilisation of all visitor facilities.

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