Why having outdoor spaces is great for your business!

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During the long, warm summer days spending all of your time working indoors can leave many people daydreaming at their desks, or gazing out the window wishing they were outside.

Over recent years we’ve seen a growing focus on workplace health and employee wellbeing. You only have to look at some of the world most successful companies such as Apple & Google with their acres of outdoor space for employees to work in to see that these areas allow employees to operate at their best.

So how exactly can outdoor spaces bring out the best in your employees?

A breath of fresh air

A departure from the traditional office set up of years gone by can be expensive for new companies, but Architect Yarza Blache believes it is an investment worth making.

“There’s no doubt that access to natural elements has a huge role to play in boosting productivity”

The added flexibility has also shown to be beneficial, with employees often performing much better when given the freedom to decide where they want to work.

A lot of outdoor space used for business is used for more casual work such as taking phone calls, checking emails as well as meetings & breakouts which can often lead to better outcomes and stronger relationships thanks to the informal setting that outdoor spaces provide.

Boost Productivity Through Wellbeing

Regular exposure to nature is not just enjoyable, studies show that it has great benefits for physical and mental wellbeing.

Time spent outdoors reduces the production of cortisol, a hormone the body produces when it’s stressed. What’s more however, is that a natural setting can reverse the effect of mental fatigue, helping the brain to recover after extended periods of focus.

This is why we’re seeing big companies invest so heavily in outdoor amenities for their employees. For example, Adobe’s headquarters in London has a running track on top, 100 Liverpool Street has had extensive renovations and will receive 3 floors which are dedicated to nature based terraces and outdoor amenity space.

James Norton, JLL Director of Research said:

“We’re seeing demand for offices with outdoor space from tenants who want to create a more interesting work environment as part of a competitive package of employee benefits,”


Sustainability is one of those buzz words thrown around, but it’s something that employees care deeply about. Businesses who design green offices with plants, sustainable materials and energy efficient solutions are much more likely to retain their employees as they offer a beautiful place to work.

Even something as simple as an office patio or balcony can quickly become a natural oasis with the right plants.

As you can see, the benefits of having an outdoor space for your business are massive. If you want to add a bespoke outdoor space for your company get in touch with us or look at our range of garden & outdoor structures.