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What we do Commercial Interior Design and Installation

From reception areas, to gyms, libraries and conference rooms to full showrooms and museum exhibit displays. We apply our commercial interior design experience, characteristic attention to detail and know-how to create purpose driven, engaging and productive environments and temporary hosted spaces for our clients.


We will begin your commercial interior design with an initial consultation, free of charge to discuss your requirements. At this point you will meet your dedicated project manager who will look after your project for the full duration. They will be your point of contact at 01EX, whose job is to;

  • Work with you to understand the requirements of your business and project
  • Help realise your commercial interior project through expert advice and guidance
  • Creating the project plan for your design and installation, with milestones, timelines, objectives etc.
  • Helping you create your budget and produce the plan a quote for 01EX's services
  • Coordinating communications with our inhouse design, graphics, back-office and production teams
  • Working with any onsite facilities management or HR to ensure the relevant paperwork and H&S requirements are met
  • Sourcing of furnishings, AV accessories, white goods or sanitary wear
  • Managing the installation through to completion of your commercial interior


The various elements of your commercial interior design are carefully crafted by our team of expert designers. They work with colours, imagery, lighting and shapes, creating the environment you've envisioned, no matter how unique. As expert commercial interior designers we come fully equipped with the latest in computer simulation, allowing us to prepare complete 3D designs before any expense is made on materials. Here's an overview of our design team's various activities;

  • Converting the brief you made with your project manager's brief into initial concept drawings
  • Moving onto more detailed and finished 3D renderings to help get closer to the final design
  • Fine tuning alongside the quote to capture the final 'perfect vision'
  • Creating 'walkthroughs' that will help inform on form and function, putting practicality as equal in importance to aesthetics
  • Producing the drawings, plans and technical blueprints required for internal facilities managements or for external requirements such as planning permission
  • Adapting designs as per feedback from the above


At 01EX we have a huge team of over 30 skilled craftsmen to deliver your commercial interior design using whatever combination of skills, experience and expertise is required. Our huge manufacturing facility exists over 23,000 sq.ft and is equipped with all the various tools required for complex, modern commercial interiors.

We set ourselves apart by providing all sign fabrication and printing requirements on-site which gives a greater level of quality control and better ability to respond and react to changes that will crop up throughout the duration of the project.

Within our workshop you will find a variety of joiners and woodworker who as skilled in the various digital CAD programs we use as they are in the physical aspect and materials involved with crafting the various elements of your build.

Our decorators will be making sure of the perfect finish, using their emulsions, stains and wallpapers to complete the project, while our own electricians and audio visual experts will install whatever spotlights, downlights and floodlights you've chosen, along with TVs, projectors, big screens and speakers the space requires.


One of our core beliefs is that control over the logistical and operational side of our business is a critical as good creative. They are the added value services that allow us to deliver excellent customer service when delivering and installing your commercial interior design.

Here are just a few ways in which we strive to offer a full, end-to-end solution;

  • Heavy investment in our fleets of vans, trucks and lorries to ensure we have full flexibility and control of our projects
  • Using our design and manufacturing team throughout the install to a ensure a smooth transition from concept to reality
  • We offer year round storage solutions for customers that may have cyclical or seasonal requirements
  • Where possible we design with sustainability and reusability in mind to support 01EX's environmental policies
  • Encouraging a new wave of skilled workers through professional development schemes
  • Focussing on supply chain relationships to ensure trust and reliability