01EX How We Do It

Over the years our business has grown with a clear plan in mind: to provide quality End-To-End services to companies wishing to take part in trade and consumer exhibitions or shows. A natural extension to this original idea has been the integration of other markets with similar needs, like for example: showrooms, pop-up shops, shop-in-shops and retail spaces. With a methodical and structured approach we added key services to our solutions portfolio, making us the ideal partner for your next project... Here is why.

PM at work

Project ManagementThe art of coordinating

Starting with a free initial consultation, 01EX assigns a dedicated manager to oversee your project from cradle to grave. Their role is to act as your main point of contact and aid the process by:

  • Listening and understanding your organisation needs and objectives.
  • Giving expert advice and guidance.
  • Providing support with planning, definition of objectives, timeline and milestones for your project.
  • Producing and discussing with you a budget plan and quote for our services.
  • Liaising with our in-house back office, design, graphics and production teams and coordinate all project related tasks.
  • Engaging with event organisers to ensure that planning, event regulations and H&S risk assessments requirements are met.
  • Coordinating any hiring of catering equipment, furniture, plants and decoration for your stand/booth, if so required.
  • Coordinating transport and delivery of all goods and services, as per our quote.
  • Sourcing audio visual as well as any other equipment aimed to attract and enhance visitor’s experience.
  • Managing on-site installation activities and final delivery of the project.
  • Coordinating rip-out activities and storage or disposal of the stand at the of the show, if applicable.

DesignCreating bespoke spaces

Colours, shapes, graphics, lights are craftly combined by our skilled professional interior designers to create unique environments that deliver on your vision. Advances in computer simulation allow us to prepare insightful designs driven by needs, purpose and style before any wood is cut or expense made. Our design team is normally involved with:

  • Preparing initial concept designs by interpreting customer's brief and/or after visit thoughts.
  • Generating photo realistic 3D renderings in aid to the decision-making process.
  • Amending designs for which quotes have been accepted and require further fine tuning to capture "the perfect vision".
  • Providing environment walkthroughs and advise on design form and function: ensuring that spaces are practical, useful as well as beautiful.
  • Producing technical drawings for event organiser and other interested parties.
  • Modifying and adapting any provided artwork to make it fit-for-purpose.
Design At Work

Workshop collage

ProductionBringing it to Life

With over 30 workshop craftsmen, we utilise their skills and expertise to cover all disciplines necessary to manufacture and deliver your exhibition stand, showroom or retail space. Our 23,000 sq.-ft manufacturing facility is equipped with modern electrical and pneumatic tools as well as our large bed Computer Numeric Control (CNC) router, allowing us to fabricate even the most complex shapes and forms that you can dream.

We also have our own graphics printing and signs fabrication studio that gives us the flexibility, control and responsiveness to produce all visuals in-house and… of course, cope with those last-minute changes to artwork.

A brief overview of our workshop ecosystem would be:

  • Joiners, skilled woodworkers that one minute are striking blows with a hammer and the next are drafting shapes on CAD to program our CNC machine… or singing at the top of their voice.
  • Decorators, creatures that dwell in a world of colour emulsions, stains and wallpaper. It is all about a keen eye for details, so they expend their time covering small imperfection with filler, sanding and sanding again… but never watching the paint dry.
  • Electricians and AV, from shock to wow they bring light to shadows. Wiring spotlights, downlights, floodlights and LEDs is what they find entertaining, but they are also known for their occasional installation of turntables, media players and TVs… It is all about an electrifying experience, they say.
  • Graphics & Signs production and fitting, a breed of their own that talk in pixels, fonts, proportions and colour wheels. They are always the last crew in and the last to go home on installation day, but what a difference they make to the corporate look and feel… for them it is all in the fingers.

Logistics & InstallA cohesive approach

At 01EX we believe that success depends on the strength of the bonds holding and linking everything we do. The added value services and business initiatives that provide structure to our business, support our growth and help us deliver excellent customer service. We actively engage with this philosophy by:

  • Investing in our fleet of lorries and vans, giving us control and flexibility to deliver our products and services where and when required.
  • Insisting that our manufacturing team also take part in the fitting process, providing a smooth transition from our workshop to the installation site.
  • Offering storage services for customers wanting to attend more than one event in a year at our secured premises helps them save money, is more environmentally friendly and has a positive impact on our logistic and planning tasks.
  • Designing and manufacturing with reusability in mind. A bespoke modular approach that supports both our environmental policy and storage for reuse business model.
  • Incentivising our people to engage in professional development schemes and by offering apprenticeships to count with a skilled workforce and grow the next generation of industry specialists.
  • Building lasting business relationships with our clients and supply chain to make sure that we can rely on them as well as they can on us.
Lorry & Van