StorageKeeping it for your next exhibition?

The benefits, commercial and to the environment, of reusing materials and resources are well known and many will consider it "the only way forward"...

We offer to our exhibition clients, planning to attend more than one show, the option of storing the bespoke elements of their stand at our dry and secure storage facility at a competitive rate. This eliminates the waste or harm to the environment caused by disposing of these elements (only to be manufactured again at a later point) and reduces the pressure and cost of using their own storage facility. Additionally, this service also enables our customer the possibility to take part in their next exhibition at a fraction of the cost paid for attending their first or initial show.

It is worth noting that this should be a carefully considered strategy as savings could be eroded by transport costs between venues, differences in area/space size between shows requiring further construction or more furniture on hire, refurbishing costs like for example creating a fresh set of graphics, etc.

If you are considering using your stand for more than one show and would like to take advantage of this service, please discuss it with your 01EX project manager as early as possible so that we can offer advice based on your plans.

N.B. Our storage service is only offered as part of a package deal to our existing clients and not as a service on its own. Our main business is not storage of stands.


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