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What we do Retail Store Design and Shop Interior Installation

Online purchasing and the C-19 pandemic has tremendously affected the retail environment and with it, highlighted the importance of good store design. Store interiors have become an increasingly important touch point that allows consumers to physically engage with products safely, and with social distancing in mind. Marketing strategies that involve store design at the forefront of brand experience, merchandising, product storytelling and informative point of sale have never been so important. 01EX has experience delivering international rollouts of Point Of Sales, Pop-Up Shops, Retail Displays and Shop in Shop’s for brands, retailers and specialist agencies.

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Shop interior design and retail store installation is at the heart of 01EX's operation. We believe that there is more to shop design than meets the eye, with the ability to subconsciously a customers mood, actions and behaviours by the design of the environment they are in. It's for this reason that we place as much emphasis on the décor, furniture and tech of a space as we do on the design and ergonomics.

Health and safety is also a priority when it comes to retail - the customers safety is paramount and risk assessments, clear signage and access to emergency exits are always at the forefront of our talented designers minds.

Retail store design isn't just about delivering a fantastic experience to customers once they've entered the store, but also about enticing them in. From Point Of Sale to window displays, in store displays, CDUs & FSDUs 01EX can ensure that your store will be appealing to passers by and visitors alike. We have decades of experience working with a clients ideas, customer demographic and our own experience and expertise to deliver your retail design dream, but functional, safe and effective.

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Retail store design and shop interior installation


To kick off your store design project you will receive an initial, free, no commitment consultation with a dedicated project manager. From that point onwards they will be your main 01EX point of contact with responsibilities such as;

  • A preliminary discussion to fully flesh out your ideas and functional requirements whilst offering expert guidance on the options available to you
  • Building a timeline with you to deliver your project, creating milestones and deadline according to your needs
  • Developing a detailed budget for the project
  • Point of communication between the various internal store design specialists at 01EX and you, the customer
  • Ensuring that we have full understanding of the compliance requirements of your venue/location, working with you HR or facilities management where required
  • Sourcing and purchasing of whatever premade items the project requires, such as white goods, sanitary wear, furnishings, lighting and audio/visual items
  • Project management on-site at the installation


Our graphics department have plenty of experience in 'design for shop' and 'retail design', working to deliver on functional display spaces, graphics, colours, furniture, accessories, lighting and more. They are fully equipped with all the latest design software and tools including 3D and CAD to allow us to give you the best possible simulation of your design before we complete the quote and begin purchasing materials.

Here's a few of the roles of our graphic design department;

  • Taking your store design or display space brief and turning it into and initial concept visual to confirm we've understood the details of your project
  • Once confirmed, converting into a 3D design to better understand the feel and functionality of the design
  • Amends and tweaks based on your feedback, throughout the process
  • Creation of a walkthrough of the space, where required, to allow you to experience the space as best possible before the installation is commissioned
  • Creating any blueprints or structural/technical drawing that may be required
Retail store design and shop interior installation
Retail store design and shop interior installation


One of the keys to our success in store design is our ability to complete every element of the project in-house. This includes every element of bespoke production, provided by our 30-strong team of skilled workers - craftsmen, engineers and electricians who have a wealth of skills, experience and knowledge between them. They're at home in our 23,000 sq.ft warehouse and manufacturing facility, surrounded by a multitude of tools and equipment.

One particular thing that will give you peace of mind is our on-site printing and fabrication facilities. This gives us total control over some of the most delicate and important parts of any project.

Our team includes wood workers, electricians, painters & decorators, and audio-visual engineers many of them cross-skilled, as comfortable at a computer, adjusting technical drawings and CADs as they are with their tools.


Again, focussing on giving you, the customer, total peace-of-mind for the totality of the store design project, our efforts to keep full control of our business reaches beyond just design, manufacturing and installation, into the operational and logistic elements of any project.

Here are just a few of our undertakings to achieve maximum control;

  • All transport and portage is carried out by our own fleet of van, trucks and lorries, making sure your assets never leave our hands
  • The design and manufacture teams are engaged throughout the installation to ensure their creations are delivered to their high standards
  • For many shop interiors, seasonality and business cycle means rotation of assets and display spaces - 01EX have full storage facilities that you can make use of if needs be
  • 'Sustainable design' is a phrase often heard around our office with our designers working hard to meet our own environmental policies
  • We have developed strong supply chain relationships to ensure full flexibility and reliability
Retail store design and shop interior installation