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Project Management

From Dreams to Reality

As part of our End-to-End service, we provide a project management team that will support your strategy and project requirements.




Their main task is to ensure the smooth delivery of your project and, as part of our services, they are to:

  • Act as main point of contact between your organisation and 01EX.
  • Provide expert advice and guidance.
  • Produce a comprehensive quote based on your instructions and budget.
  • Plan and coordinate the design, production and installation of your stand, showroom or retail display.
  • Advise on applicable normative and compliance requirements.
  • Search and procure services and equipment as specified in our quote.
  • Be on-site to supervise the installation process.
  • If applicable, coordinate dismantling and storage or disposal of any elements of your project, as per our quote.

Efficient & Successful

When reaching out to 01EX to explore their comprehensive project management services, you’re delving into a world of streamlined efficiency and tailored solutions.

Whether you’re seeking to optimise resource allocation, enhance collaboration, or mitigate project risks, contacting 01EX opens doors to a wealth of expertise. Their team stands ready to offer insights, guidance, and personalized strategies to align with your project needs. Expect a seamless experience as you connect with professionals eager to showcase how their adaptable systems can elevate your project execution.

With a commitment to excellence and a penchant for innovation, engaging with 01EX promises to unveil a spectrum of possibilities for efficient and successful project management.

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