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Tips for Great Storefront Signage

Tips for Great Storefront Signage

For any public facing business, the signage above your door is the first point of contact between you and potential customers walking by. That’s why it’s so important to get that signage looking right, communicating what your business is about and getting them through the door.

So how do we make a good store sign? Here are some quick tips to get the perfect signage for your business.


Well established brands who have long been leaders in their chosen field can get away with minimal messaging about their brands. Just think of Apple, if you knew nothing about their brand would you think they make computers and phones?

This doesn’t always work for small businesses. It can be tempting to look at leading companies such as Chanel or McDonalds for a place to start, but it’s often better to be clear and concise when designing your storefront.

Try factoring in contextual clues to help the customer identify what your establishment does. Even writing something such as ‘bakery’ or ‘butchers’ after your business’ name will keep detective work to a minimum.


This should sound obvious, but so many retail stores choose style over substance. The number one factor when designing your signage should be the fact that it is easy to read.

When going through the process of creating your signage, make sure that every element is appraised for visual clarity. Is the logo full of fiddly details? Then you might need to revisit it and rework the design.

You should also give a lot of thought to your choice of typography. Crowded, handwritten fonts might be difficult to read from a distance. The colours should also be carefully considered to maintain visual contrast and you will have to consider the spacing between each letter and word.


Once you have confirmed that your sign will be legible, it’s the time to inject some personality into your store-front! The colours, typography and imagery of your sign can all communicate what your business stands for and the type of ‘vibe’ that customers can expect.

Be aware however, that the choices you make have to reflect what your business is about. A serif font in the perfect weight and style could communicate reliability and trust for a legal firm, whilst loose and airy freehand lettering might suit a small bistro with a relaxed environment.


Your sign will not exist in a vacuum, that’s why it’s important to do some market research, look at the signs around you and create something that is distinct and different from your competitors.

If you are neighboured by two stores with blue store-fronts, try choosing a contrasting colour such as yellow to really stand out from your immediate competition. Perhaps look at ‘light-up’ signage if your business is open during evenings.

At the end of the day, your business has something unique to offer and this should be reflected in its signage. It’s incredibly important that your signage works for you and draws in potential customers.

If you are thinking about some bespoke signage, get in touch with our team of experts and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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